The Bears are absolutely, positively drafting Caleb Williams now after trading Justin Fields

Bears Set Sights on Caleb Williams Following Justin Fields Trade

On Saturday, the Chicago Bears subtly revealed their plans for the 2024 NFL Draft. They didn’t spell it out, but their actions spoke volumes.

By trading quarterback Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Bears made it clear who they have their eyes on: Caleb Williams is set to be their next quarterback. This move mirrors the certainty that surrounded Andrew Luck in 2012 and Trevor Lawrence in 2021. It’s almost a done deal that Williams will be joining the Bears next month. Fans might as well start buying his jersey now.

Caleb Williams is regarded as a once-in-a-generation talent, something the Bears have been desperately searching for. For too long, the team has struggled to find a true leader under center.

It’s hard to forget the Bears’ infamous decision to pick Mitch Trubisky over Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft. But this time, they’re determined not to make the same mistake. While no NFL draft pick is a sure thing, Caleb Williams represents the best opportunity the Bears have had in years to solve their quarterback dilemma. When the answer seems this clear, you don’t hesitate.

Expect to see Williams donning a Bears jersey this fall. Unless something completely unexpected happens, a story that would be talked about for years, the first pick of the draft is already decided. With that, the draft excitement will really begin with the Washington Commanders’ selection at No. 2.