Carson Soucy on Success Through Communication

Carson Soucy Credits His Success to Mastering the Art of Communication

From the moment Carson Soucy stepped into the Vancouver Canucks’ training camp, he felt a strong sense of belonging. The team’s open and consistent communication, along with their faith in him, made him feel welcomed.

The Soucy family has quickly grown fond of Vancouver, seeing the potential for it to become their permanent home. This feeling was sparked during discussions that took place on July 1st. Soucy, a towering 6’5” defenseman, inked a three-year contract with the Canucks, marking the beginning of his journey in this west coast city after two seasons with Seattle.

“Right from the start of free agency, those initial conversations with the team really showed their belief in me. That was a key factor in my decision to join,” he shared.

Beyond the team’s confidence in him, the coaching staff was a significant draw for Soucy. Initially, it was the renowned names within the staff—Hall of Famers, Stanley Cup winners, and some of the world’s finest coaches—that caught his attention.

Yet, his admiration for the coaching team deepened as they laid out the organization’s core principles and operational structure.

“Their track record speaks volumes,” Soucy remarked. “Learning from such experienced NHL veterans is invaluable. Their professional approach, combined with their ability to connect on a personal level, makes them exceptional mentors.”

The first day of training camp solidified Soucy’s enthusiasm for the upcoming 2023-24 season.

The coaching staff made it clear from the outset their success pillars and the culture they aimed to build—one where every player knows their role in any given situation.

This inclusive message resonated not only with the NHL players but also with the younger talent and those from the Abbotsford team, ensuring everyone understood the team’s structure and expectations.

“It’s beneficial to have everyone, not just the main roster, involved in these discussions. It ensures the entire group is on the same page regarding our structure and goals,” he explained.

Throughout the year, the emphasis on adherence to the team’s structure and individual accountability has been a recurring theme, echoed by both players and head coach Rick Tocchet.

Tocchet has observed his team gradually mastering the defensive strategies necessary for success. This understanding has grown as players have become more comfortable with the system and as the team’s hectic schedule has eased.

“Mistakes happen, but we’re getting better at supporting each other,” Tocchet noted. “It seems our mental sharpness is improving.”

Tocchet has praised Soucy for his ability to maintain composure and effectively disrupt opposing plays with his positioning and reach.

The coach values Soucy’s calming presence on the ice, especially when the team is ahead, highlighting his strategic importance to the Canucks’ defensive lineup.