Tai Tuivasa vs. Marcin Tybura full fight video highlights

Explosive Highlights: Tai Tuivasa vs. Marcin Tybura’s Unforgettable Clash

Discover the electrifying highlights from the Tai Tuivasa vs. Marcin Tybura fight that took center stage on a thrilling Saturday night. The event was brought to life through the lenses of various media outlets.

The showdown between Tuivasa and Tybura unfolded on March 16 at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas. In this eagerly awaited main event, Tai Tuivasa, with a record of 14-6, faced off against Marcin Tybura, who entered the ring with a record of 24-8.

Fans from all over tuned in live on ESPN+ to witness this clash. Below, you’ll find all the video highlights capturing the intense moments of the fight.

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The first round kicked off with energy as Dean signaled the start. Tuivasa quickly made his presence felt with a powerful kick to the body followed by a series of sharp elbows. Tybura tried to retaliate but found himself bleeding in less than 30 seconds.

Tuivasa kept the pressure with a low kick, while Tybura managed a body kick. Tuivasa then landed a left hand, but Tybura executed a clean double takedown against the fence. Despite Tuivasa’s defense, he was soon on the ground with over three minutes left in the round.

Tybura gained a dominant position, securing both hooks in and unleashing a relentless barrage of punches. Despite the onslaught of over 30 ground strikes, Tuivasa showed no signs of distress. Tybura, after a brief pause, resumed his attack and secured a rear naked choke. Tuivasa fought hard to escape, but with less than a minute remaining, Dean checked Tuivasa’s arm, which fell to the canvas, signaling the end of the match.

Marcin Tybura emerged victorious over Tai Tuivasa by submission, using a rear naked choke, at 4:08 of Round 1.