Granite Bay golfers hit back-to-back holes in one

Granite Bay Golfers Achieve Remarkable Feat with Consecutive Holes-in-One

At the St. Patrick’s Day Cup held at Granite Bay Golf Club, an extraordinary event unfolded. The club’s Head Golf Professional, Michael Nicoletti, and a club member, Chris Barr, achieved something almost unheard of. They both scored holes-in-one consecutively. This remarkable feat took place on the 7th hole, a Par 3, stretching 163 yards, with both golfers playing in the same group.

The chances of hitting a hole-in-one for the average golfer are estimated to be 12,000 to one, according to the National Hole-in-One Registry. For professional tour players, the odds improve to 3,000 to one. However, the probability of two players from the same group scoring holes-in-one on the same hole skyrockets to an astonishing 17 million to one.

This incredible occurrence at Granite Bay, Calif., during the St. Patrick’s Day Cup, has left many in awe. The odds of 17 million to one highlight just how rare and special this event was. Congratulations to Michael Nicoletti and Chris Barr for their unbelievable achievement on the golf course.