Ian Machado Garry reacts to Colby Covington’s challenge: ‘I’m going to be the final chapter in your legacy of failure’

Ian Machado Garry Vows to End Colby Covington’s Legacy with Defeat: “I’ll Be the Final Chapter in Your Story of Failure”

Ian Machado Garry has laid down a bold challenge to Colby Covington.

Garry hit back at Covington after a harsh callout from him earlier in the week. In a fiery Instagram reply on Sunday, Garry dared Covington to agree to a high-stakes retirement match. He criticized Covington for not securing a win against any top 15 ranked welterweight fighters in the UFC, despite Covington’s three attempts at the UFC title. Garry proposed a WWE-style “I quit” match, where the loser must retire from the sport.

Garry made his feelings clear in his response.

“Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington, you’re not in any position to dictate my life choices,” Garry stated. “You’ve tried to distract me by bringing up my wife, which is unacceptable. Women are not possessions, and my wife is certainly not a trophy. You should be concentrating on me. I’m your opponent in the octagon, ready to defeat you. So, keep my wife’s name out of this. You’re known for underperforming, not for being a favorite fighter in America.

“You’ve lost three UFC world title fights and currently, you don’t have a win against any top 15 fighters. So, why should I even bother fighting you? Here’s why: I challenge you to an ‘I quit’ match. One of us has to say ‘I quit,’ and the one who does must retire. It’s time to end this, right in the middle of the octagon. I’m set to close the chapter on your legacy of failures. I’ll ensure you’re remembered for your defeats, and I’ll make MMA great again by getting rid of you.”

Ian Garry boasts an impressive record.

Currently, Garry is ranked as the No. 8 welterweight fighter in the world by MMA Fighting. The unbeaten Irish fighter has triumphed in all seven of his UFC fights, with recent victories over Daniel Rodriguez, Neil Magny, and Geoff Neal.

Colby Covington, despite his unranked status in MMA Fighting’s welterweight rankings, remains a well-known figure in the UFC welterweight division. Since December 2019, Covington has managed only two wins out of five fights, with victories coming against Tyron Woodley and Jorge Masvidal, amidst losses in title bouts against Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards.