Seattle Reign FC general manager Lesle Gallimore previews new chapter for club, updates progress of sale

Lesle Gallimore Unveils Exciting Future for Seattle Reign FC, Shares Sale Progress Updates

The dawn of a fresh season marks a significant turning point for the Seattle Reign, signaling a return to their origins while simultaneously embarking on a new journey.

In a recent one-on-one conversation with KING 5, Seattle Reign FC’s general manager, Lesle Gallimore, shared insights just before the team’s victorious season opener on Sunday. Gallimore discussed the ongoing sale of the team, recounted the challenges faced during the off-season, and offered her expectations for the upcoming season.

The dialogue below captures the essence of their conversation.

Gallimore expressed that the team’s rebranding from OL Reign back to Seattle Reign is crucial, especially for long-standing players and staff. This shift not only strengthens their connection to Seattle but also enhances the team’s global identity and appeal. She believes that being closely associated with Seattle, a city known for its passion for soccer, will aid in retaining and attracting talent.

The evolution of the club holds significant importance as well. Gallimore emphasized the importance of acknowledging the team’s history and the challenges it has overcome, including changes in ownership and location. These experiences have shaped the team’s unique identity.

Regarding the challenges of rebranding amidst uncertainties about the team’s ownership, Gallimore noted that those involved in the sale process understood the importance of timing and the impact of rebranding on various stakeholders. The decision to revert to the team’s original name before the season began was deemed appropriate.

Gallimore shared that the sale of the team is nearing completion, marking a pivotal moment nearly a year after the announcement. Despite the anticipation, her focus remains on supporting the players and staff in their preparation and performance.

The off-season was particularly hectic, with uncertainties about the future affecting staff retention and recruitment. Gallimore’s efforts were directed towards filling key positions and managing the roster, emphasizing that the off-season is a busy period for any general manager.

When discussing the current team’s talent, Gallimore praised the technical staff’s ability to quickly form a cohesive team. The strategic selection of players for resigning or recruitment was aimed at building a competitive team.

Gallimore highlighted Lu Barnes’s role as a consistent presence and connector within the team, especially during the absence of key players due to international duties.

Lastly, Gallimore touched on Megan Rapinoe’s retirement, noting her ongoing impact alongside Sue Bird beyond the sports realm. Their contributions to women’s sports and broader societal issues continue to inspire and deserve recognition.

This conversation sheds light on the Seattle Reign’s new chapter, characterized by a strong connection to their city, a focus on overcoming challenges, and a commitment to excellence on and off the field.