Mark Kellogg sent a warning to Caitlin Clark and that’s an awful idea

Mark Kellogg’s Warning to Caitlin Clark: A Misguided Move

West Virginia’s head coach, Mark Kellogg, is buzzing with excitement about facing Caitlin Clark and Iowa in the NCAA tournament. However, his recent comments have shown he hasn’t taken a page out of the book of those who’ve tried and failed to get under Clark’s skin before.

It’s worth mentioning again, Caitlin Clark is a seasoned pro when it comes to handling trash talk. She thrives on it! The wisdom in the world of sports suggests you should only talk a big game if you’ve already secured a win. It seems Mark Kellogg, the coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers, didn’t get that note.

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Kellogg, who first needs his team to overcome Princeton before they can think about Iowa, was heard saying he’s aiming to knock Caitlin Clark out of the tournament. This bold statement came right after the Albany 2 region’s initial matchups were announced on Sunday.

Wesley Shoemaker shared Kellogg’s bold declaration on Twitter: “WVU HC Mark Kellogg with some strong words. ‘Let’s win one and send Caitlin Clark packing.'”

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