Natasha Cruz becomes 1st WFISD female to win powerlifting state title

Natasha Cruz Shatters Glass Ceiling as First Female from WFISD to Clinch Powerlifting State Title

In honor of Coach Bell, a heartfelt gathering took place, drawing family, friends, and fellow coaches to show their unwavering support. The event was a touching tribute to a beloved figure in the community.

The spotlight shone brightly on the GIRLS STATE POWERLIFTING RESULTS, held at the Comerica Center in Frisco. The competition was fierce, but the local athletes made their mark with impressive performances. The results were presented in a clear format: Squat-Bench-Deadlift—Total, making it easy to follow the athletes’ achievements.

In the CLASS 5A DIVISION II category, the team rankings saw Rider securing the 6th position. Natasha Cruz, from Rider, stood out with her remarkable performance in the 220 weight class, lifting a total of 1,145 pounds. Her strength was unmatched, as she led with the highest squat and deadlift scores and secured the second-best bench press, setting a new WFISD record with a 270-pound bench press. Cruz’s victory was historic, marking her as the first Rider lifter, regardless of gender, to win a state title and the first female in WFISD history to achieve this feat.

Leah Sanchez, also from Rider, showcased her talent in the 242 weight class, achieving a total lift of 920 pounds and placing 5th.

In the CLASS 4A DIVISION II, Nmesomachukwu Nzeh-Biko from Hirschi made a strong start but faced a setback during the deadlift, which unfortunately took her out of the competition.

The CLASS 3A DIVISION I saw Bowie’s team placing 26th. Among the notable performances, Starr Shannon from Iowa Park lifted a total of 605 pounds in the 114 weight class, securing the 16th position. Alexia Mitchell, also from Iowa Park, lifted a total of 825 pounds in the 132 weight class, placing 6th.

Kinley Russell from Bowie and Kaiden Jones from Iowa Park showed their prowess in the 148 and 198 weight classes, respectively, with Russell lifting a total of 805 pounds and Jones lifting 785 pounds. Lydia Sowell and Trinity Sousa, both from Iowa Park, competed in the 220 weight class, lifting totals of 850 and 815 pounds, respectively. Jordan Vaught from Bowie made a strong showing in the 242 weight class with a total lift of 940 pounds.

In the 242-plus weight class, Kamryn Hall from Vernon lifted a total of 875 pounds, securing the 7th position.

The CLASS 3A DIVISION II had Henrietta’s team placing 16th and City View’s team 29th. Madelynn Hopkins and Kharisma Johnson from City View competed in the 114 weight class, lifting totals of 650 and 625 pounds, respectively. Jalee Tiller from Henrietta made a significant impact in the 165 weight class with a total lift of 900 pounds, showcasing her strength with the second-best bench and deadlift scores.

Ariel Martinez from City View and Landrie Valenzuela from Jacksboro competed in the 181 weight class, lifting totals of 855 and 850 pounds, respectively, with Valenzuela achieving the best deadlift score in the weight class. Addie McCarty from City View lifted a total of 755 pounds in the 198 weight class. Marissa Juarez, also from City View, competed in the 242-plus weight class, lifting a total of 890 pounds.

This event not only celebrated the strength and determination of these young athletes but also honored the legacy of Coach Bell, making it a memorable occasion for all involved.