Ryan Garcia says NYSAC requested mental health evaluation

Ryan Garcia Reveals NYSAC Mandated Mental Health Assessment

Mike Coppinger, a journalist at ESPN, reported on March 16, 2024, that renowned boxer Ryan Garcia has been asked by the New York State Athletic Commission to undergo a mental health evaluation. This request comes before his scheduled fight for the WBC junior welterweight title against Devin Haney in Brooklyn on April 20.

Garcia, who has a record of 25 wins and 1 loss with 20 knockouts, shared this information through a video on social media, which he later removed. He mentioned that the commission’s request for an evaluation was based on his activity on social media.

In the video, Garcia expressed his confusion and concern, questioning whether his right to free speech was being infringed upon. He pondered if his social media posts were truly a valid reason for a mental health evaluation.

Over recent weeks, Garcia has been quite active on social media, sharing various controversial opinions, including conspiracy theories and claims about having proof of extraterrestrial life.

Matthew Delaglio, the director of boxing for the commission, chose not to comment on the matter.

Golden Boy Promotions, the company managing Garcia’s fights, stated through spokesman Stefan Friedman that they maintain close communication with the commission and adhere to all regulations to ensure their fighters are prepared for their matches.

Oscar De La Hoya, a boxing legend and the founder of Golden Boy Promotions, commented on Garcia’s situation during a broadcast. He mentioned having spoken to Garcia, noting that the boxer was in high spirits and training diligently, implying that social media activity was only a minor part of his day.

Mauricio Sulaiman, the president of WBC, also mentioned being in communication with the New York commission about Garcia’s situation.

Garcia faced his first professional defeat in April of the previous year, losing to Gervonta Davis in the seventh round. Despite this setback, the fight was a commercial success, generating over 1 million pay-per-view buys.

Garcia made a comeback with a victory over Oscar Duarte in December, marking his first fight under the guidance of trainer Derrick James. He has been preparing for his upcoming fight against Haney with James in Dallas.

Devin Haney, Garcia’s opponent, holds an undefeated record of 31 wins and is ranked as ESPN’s top junior welterweight and sixth pound-for-pound boxer. He secured the WBC title in December with a decisive win over Regis Prograis.

Garcia, with a significant following of over 10 million on Instagram, is ranked eighth by ESPN in the 140-pound category. He is looking forward to clinching his first world title in the upcoming match against Haney.

In 2021, Garcia withdrew from a scheduled fight to focus on his mental health and well-being, highlighting the importance of mental health in professional sports.