Report: Steelers traded Kenny Pickett because he was unhappy with the signing of Russell Wilson

Steelers Trade Kenny Pickett Following His Discontent with Russell Wilson’s Signing, Report Reveals

Two years ago, the Steelers chose Kenny Pickett as their quarterback, largely because of his impressive stint at Pitt. However, it seems they didn’t fully understand his personality.

Pickett didn’t react well to being benched. Additionally, the signing of another potential starting quarterback didn’t sit well with him.

According to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Steelers decided to trade Pickett to the Eagles. This decision was influenced by Pickett’s displeasure and negative reaction to Russell Wilson joining the team.

Dulac reported that Pickett even canceled a workout with Steelers receivers. This happened right after Wilson’s signing was announced.

Moreover, Dulac highlighted instances of Pickett’s difficult behavior. This was particularly evident last season when he wasn’t reinstated as the starting quarterback after recovering from ankle surgery. Mason Rudolph remained in that position instead.

A significant moment occurred in Week 17 in Seattle. Pickett refused to serve as the emergency third quarterback, as Dulac noted.

Consequently, Pickett moved from competing with Wilson for the starting position to being, at best, the second choice behind Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia.

The Steelers’ decision to move on from Pickett underscores a broader point. Performance matters, and had Pickett performed better in his 24 starts over two seasons, his story might have been different. The Steelers are known for their patience, especially with first-round quarterbacks.

As Coach Mike Tomlin often says, he prefers volunteers to hostages. It became clear that Pickett didn’t want to stay, and the Steelers chose not to force the issue.

Pickett is now entering the backup phase of his career, just two seasons in. Whether he can overcome the attitude issues that led to his departure from Pittsburgh remains to be seen. His future in Philadelphia, and possibly elsewhere, hinges on his ability to adapt and grow.