The Magic posted (and deleted) a suggestive Gradey Dick jersey photo

The Magic Removes Inappropriate Photo of Gradey Dick’s Jersey from Social Media

Gradey Dick and Anthony Black set social media abuzz when they decided to swap jerseys in a way that raised eyebrows on Sunday. The Orlando Magic’s social media team even joined in, sharing a photo of the moment on X (formerly known as Twitter). But they quickly took the photo down after realizing the implications, as fans started to catch on to what was actually happening.

Jersey swaps are a respected tradition in sports, symbolizing mutual respect among players. It’s common to see players exchange jerseys after a game as a sign of admiration. That’s what everyone initially thought when Gradey Dick of the Toronto Raptors and Anthony Black of the Orlando Magic were seen exchanging jerseys. But it turned out, there was a more provocative intention behind their actions.

Gradey and Anthony pushed the boundaries of what’s considered appropriate for work, dragging the Magic’s social media team into the fray. The team hastily removed a tweet featuring the jersey swap, acknowledging that such content was not suitable for a professional team’s social media account.

(Warning: NSFW language.)

In a tweet, it was shown that Gradey Dick and Anthony Black exchanged jerseys after a game between the Raptors and Magic, symbolizing their camaraderie.

Another tweet humorously noted how quickly the @OrlandoMagic removed the controversial photo, highlighting the swift reaction to the realization of its potential inappropriateness.