At 84, Embracing New Beginnings: ‘Just Getting Started!’

On a splendid Sunday, the 10th of March, my family and I gathered to mark the occasion of my 84th year on this earth. I must express my heartfelt gratitude towards the divine for blessing me with a vitality and vigor reminiscent of my 50-year-old self.

This year, my mother will be celebrating her 103rd birthday on the 4th of May. It fills me with immense pride to inherit such remarkable genes and a fervent desire to leave behind a legacy characterized by longevity.

Reflecting on my journey of more than eight decades, I acknowledge the myriad blessings that have graced my life, despite the challenges that have tested my resolve.

I am fortunate to share my life with the most incredible woman, Gena, whose unwavering support has been pivotal in my accomplishments.

Our family is a vibrant tapestry of wonderful adult children, grandchildren, and not to forget, our exceptional canine companions.

My life’s narrative is adorned with achievements, including becoming a six-time world karate champion, a figure in action films and television, and a philanthropist, thanks to the shared vision Gena and I hold through our Kickstart Kids nonprofit foundation.

Our endeavors extend beyond, reaching people across the globe through my syndicated columns on culture and health & fitness, a collection of books, collaborations with Total Gym, and our ventures into the C-Force water bottling company and Roundhouse health and survival foods and supplements.

The phenomenon of Chuck Norris Facts, those humorous, superhero-esque memes, have woven themselves into the fabric of popular culture, eliciting laughter and amusement wherever I go.

Despite the playful exaggeration of these facts, they underscore a life that has been anything but ordinary, marked by a birth story that defied the odds and a name, Carlos Ray Norris, that would become synonymous with resilience and strength.

As I embrace my 84th year with the same zest for life, I am reminded of the indomitable spirits like former President George H.W. Bush, who, alongside his wife Barbara, served as beacons of inspiration through their mentorship and example.

Their legacy, along with those of countless others who have reached the centennial milestone, underscores the profound impact of living a life filled with purpose, courage, and a commitment to leaving a lasting legacy.

In a world that often overlooks the wisdom and potential of the elderly, it’s imperative to remember that age is merely a number, and our capacity to make a difference endures.

As I stood before my family, about to extinguish the candles on my birthday cake, I declared with conviction, “I’m just getting started!” This sentiment encapsulates the essence of a life lived with purpose, passion, and an unwavering determination to forge a legacy that transcends time.

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In this journey of life, where every moment is a gift, let us embrace the wisdom of the ages, the courage to dream big, and the resolve to leave an indelible mark on the world.