Browns Eyeing Jameis Winston for Quarterback Role

While it’s still premature to declare a burgeoning market for his talents, the Cleveland Browns are notably contemplating the acquisition of Jameis Winston as the free agency period unfolds. This insight comes courtesy of Ben Volin, the esteemed senior NFL reporter for the Boston Globe.

However, there’s a significant caveat to consider. According to Volin, the Browns are eyeing Winston primarily as a backup to their starting quarterback, Deshaun Watson. This development might not align with Winston’s aspirations, as he has openly expressed his ambition to be a starting quarterback—a role he recognizes as unattainable with Derek Carr firmly positioned as the New Orleans Saints’ lead quarterback.

Watson’s position in Cleveland appears secure, which means if the market only offers backup positions, Winston’s decision to remain with the Saints wouldn’t come as a shock. Nevertheless, Watson’s recent season was marred by an injury to his throwing shoulder, presenting a potential opening for Winston to step onto the field should Watson face further absences.

This situation is one to monitor closely in the coming days. The structure of Winston’s contract with the Saints necessitates his release with a post-June 1 designation should he opt to depart and join another squad, mirroring the scenario with Michael Thomas. Conversely, if Winston chooses to stay with the Saints, the team will have to dismantle his current contract and negotiate a new agreement. With the free agency period in full swing, anticipate further developments as the situation evolves.