CJ Perry and Miro, AEW Wrestling Stars, End Their 7-Year Marriage

CJ Perry and Miro, both celebrated figures in the wrestling world, have decided to end their marriage after over seven years together. This development comes as a surprise to many, especially since their relationship wasn’t just personal but also a significant part of their professional personas in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Unlike the dramatic storylines they’re known for, their separation is not scripted for entertainment.

Sources close to the couple have revealed that their decision to part ways was finalized in the winter of 2023, marking the end of what had been a series of ups and downs in their relationship. The duo, who exchanged vows in July 2016, had started their journey as a couple a few years prior, showcasing their love story to fans around the world.

Perry, formerly known as Lana in WWE, confirmed the split, emphasizing that the decision was mutual. She expressed hope that despite their separation, they could continue to collaborate professionally and maintain a friendship.

The reason behind their separation appears to be a gradual drifting apart over the years, rather than any sudden or dramatic event. Insiders assert that there was no explosive argument or infidelity; instead, it was a slow realization that they had grown apart.

Despite the end of their marriage, Perry and Miro, who was known as Rusev during his time in World Wrestling Entertainment, are said to remain on good terms. They even plan to continue working together, which is promising news for the executives at All Elite Wrestling. The pair have been a staple on-screen couple for nearly a decade, transitioning from WWE to AEW, and their ability to work together could still prove beneficial for their careers and the wrestling industry.

The last time CJ and Miro were seen together in public was in late 2022, and it has been a while since they appeared together in the wrestling ring. As of now, neither party has taken legal steps towards divorce.

Following their separation, Miro has reportedly moved back to Bulgaria. This new chapter for both Perry and Miro marks the end of an era for one of wrestling’s most beloved couples, both inside and outside the ring. Fans and colleagues alike will undoubtedly watch with interest to see how both individuals navigate their futures, both personally and professionally.