Lingerie-clad Dylan Mulvaney releases 'Girlhood' music video mocking Bud Light controversy

Dylan Mulvaney Debuts ‘Girlhood’ Music Video in Lingerie, Satirizing Bud Light Backlash

Last year, a transgender social media influencer who sparked a debate with Bud Light unveiled a fresh music video on Wednesday. This release seems to address the influencer’s detractors directly.

The influencer, Dylan Mulvaney, named their latest creation “Days of Girlhood.” This video celebrates an entire year of embracing their identity as a transgender woman on social media platforms.

In the music video, viewers see Mulvaney joyfully preparing for a pool party, adorned in lingerie. As the video progresses, Mulvaney, now in a bikini, is seen dancing joyfully around the pool with a group of women friends. The video cleverly nods to female-centric pop culture hits like “Mean Girls” and “Legally Blonde.”

Lady Gaga recently spoke out in defense of Dylan Mulvaney, condemning the negative reactions to a photo shared on International Women’s Day as pure hatred.

The music video cleverly incorporates elements that hint at the previous Bud Light controversy. At one point, Mulvaney declares, “The patriarchy’s over, you can hold our beer!” This is followed by a playful scene where Mulvaney uses a pink water gun to shoot at beer cans, a clear jab at Kid Rock’s notorious protest against Bud Light.

Critics on social media platforms such as YouTube and X have accused Mulvaney of trivializing womanhood through the video.

Despite the backlash, Dylan Mulvaney was recently recognized in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list, highlighting influential young figures.

Some critics, including Portland-based writer Heidi Briones and social media commentator Oli London, have harshly criticized Mulvaney’s portrayal of womanhood. Pro-life activist Abby Johnson and Independent Women’s Forum fellow Angela Morabito have also voiced strong opinions against the video’s content.

The comments section under the music video on Mulvaney’s YouTube channel reflects a wide range of reactions, with some viewers expressing discomfort with the portrayal of female experiences in the video.

Fox News Digital reached out to Mulvaney’s representatives for a comment but has not received a response at the time of this writing.

Mulvaney’s collaboration with Anheuser-Busch last year for a social media campaign stirred significant controversy. The partnership led to a backlash from conservatives and beer enthusiasts who felt the brand was moving away from its traditional customer base to embrace more progressive identity politics. This resulted in a noticeable decline in Bud Light sales and ongoing criticism for the beer giant.