Elon Musk Unexpectedly Ends Collaboration with Ex-CNN Host Don Lemon on X Platform

**Key Takeaways:**

– Don Lemon’s collaboration with Elon Musk’s social media platform X (previously Twitter) was terminated shortly after an interview with Musk.
– The partnership was intended to feature Lemon in three weekly 30-minute episodes on X, starting with “The Don Lemon Show” on March 18.
– Musk criticized Lemon’s approach as reminiscent of “CNN, but on social media.”
– Despite the termination, X emphasized that Lemon is still welcome to publish content on the platform without censorship.
– Lemon expressed his disappointment, suggesting that Musk’s commitment to free speech does not extend to challenging questions from him.
– The interview with Musk is set to be released on YouTube and as a podcast on March 18.
– Lemon was dismissed from CNN in 2023 after a 17-year tenure, following controversial comments about Nikki Haley.

Before it even got off the ground, Don Lemon’s venture with Elon Musk’s social media platform X came to a halt. The collaboration was called off by X shortly after Lemon conducted an interview with the tech mogul, as announced on the platform on Wednesday. The interview was initially set to premiere on “The Don Lemon Show” on X on March 18.

In January, X had announced Lemon’s involvement, praising his “unique and honest voice” and scheduling him for three 30-minute episodes each week. At the same time, the platform also introduced two other news programs featuring Tulsi Gabbard, a former U.S. congresswoman, and Jim Rome, a sports radio host and ex-ESPN star.

However, Musk criticized Lemon’s approach on Wednesday, likening it to “CNN, but on social media.” Despite the termination of their commercial partnership, X maintained that Lemon is still free to share his content on the platform, underscoring the platform’s commitment to providing creators with a space to amplify their work and engage with new audiences.

Lemon, in a video on his X account, mentioned, “Musk is mad at me.” He elaborated on their conversation, emphasizing that despite some tension, he believed it was beneficial for the audience to witness their exchange and learn from it.

Lemon also pointed out the irony in Musk’s stance on free speech, noting that Musk’s proclaimed absolutism seems to falter when faced with challenging questions from individuals like himself. He announced that his interview with Musk would be available on YouTube and as a podcast on March 18.

Musk has long declared himself a “free speech absolutist,” advocating for uncensored expression on social media.

Lemon’s departure from CNN in 2023 ended a 17-year stint with the network, following his apology for comments made about Nikki Haley not being in “her prime” during his brief tenure as a morning show host.

This report includes contributions from The Associated Press.