Exclusive Interview: Employee 5, Unwitting Participant in Moving Trump’s Classified Documents, Breaks Silence

In an unprecedented turn of events, a seasoned Mar-a-Lago staff member, pivotal to the inquiry into Donald Trump’s management of confidential documents, has decided to break his silence. With the November election on the horizon, he asserts that the electorate deserves to know the truth about the former President and the ongoing legal proceedings.

Brian Butler, known in legal documents as “Trump Employee 5,” shared in an exclusive conversation with CNN that he rejects the notion of the criminal case against Trump being a baseless pursuit, contrary to the former President’s claims. His testimony played a significant role in the formulation of last year’s criminal obstruction charges against Trump, alongside Walt Nauta, Trump’s personal aide, and Carlos De Oliveira, Mar-a-Lago’s property manager and Butler’s once close confidant.

Butler, who dedicated two decades of his life to Mar-a-Lago, has cooperated extensively with federal investigators, even funding his legal representation to distance himself from the circle surrounding Trump, amidst multiple federal inquiries into the former President.

Recounting an incident in June 2022, Butler disclosed how he inadvertently assisted Nauta in transporting boxes filled with classified documents to Trump’s aircraft. This occurred on the same day Trump and his lawyer were discussing these very documents with the Justice Department at Mar-a-Lago.

Reflecting on his decision to come forward, Butler, previously not named publicly, is cited six times in the Justice Department’s indictment as “Trump Employee 5.” His insights offer a glimpse into his comprehensive knowledge, potentially pivotal for the prosecution, which he has fully shared with authorities.

Legal representatives for Trump and Nauta have chosen not to comment on the matter, while John Irving, De Oliveira’s lawyer, expressed an eagerness to scrutinize Butler’s account more closely in court, declining to litigate the case through the media.

Butler’s narrative also touches on his observations of Trump’s attempts to influence Nauta, De Oliveira, and others to obstruct federal investigations. Moreover, his longstanding relationship with De Oliveira, spanning over a decade, has been significantly affected by the legal scrutiny, illustrating the personal toll of the ongoing investigations.

Despite the complexities of his involvement, Butler’s commitment to transparency underscores the intricate web of loyalty, friendship, and legal obligations that define the current political and legal landscape surrounding Donald Trump.