5 people, including infant, injured after FedEx semitrailer rolls over bridge in New York: Officials

Five Injured, Including an Infant, as FedEx Semi-Trailer Plunges Off Bridge in New York, Say Officials

In Pittsford, New York, a distressing event unfolded Thursday morning when a FedEx semitrailer lost control and flipped over a bridge. This incident led to injuries for five individuals, including a small infant, as confirmed by officials.

The accident occurred just before 8:30 a.m. on a stretch of the I-90 bridge, situated near exits 45 and 46, directly above Pittsford Mendon Center Road. Henrietta Fire Chief, Mark Cholach, shared details during a press briefing. It was reported by the New York State Police that the semitrailer had a collision with another vehicle, causing it to swerve.

The FedEx truck, which was under the operation of a Pennsylvania-based company, ended up overturning on the bridge. The front part of the truck was caught by a guardrail, preventing it from falling, as seen in photos captured at the scene.

First responders arrived to find the FedEx driver conscious and alert, though he was outside the vehicle on the road, as stated by Cholach.

In a separate vehicle involved in the incident, there were four other passengers – three adults and an infant. Frank Manzo, the chief of CHS Mobile Integrated Healthcare ambulance service, provided this information during the briefing.

All five victims were promptly taken to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. They were treated for what appeared to be minor injuries, according to Manzo.

Photos from the scene show the aftermath of the crash, highlighting the severity of the incident that occurred on March 14, 2024, between Henrietta and Victor, NY. These images were shared by the Henrietta Fire District.

Cholach mentioned that, fortunately, the FedEx truck was not carrying any cargo at the time of the accident. He speculated that if the truck had been loaded, the outcome could have been drastically worse. He imagined a scenario where the full trailers could have crashed onto the road below, likely resulting in a non-survivable situation.

Despite the significant damage from the crash, it’s remarkable that the FedEx driver only sustained minor injuries. Cholach expressed his astonishment at the driver’s luck, suggesting divine intervention played a role in his survival.

The crash led to environmental concerns as well, with diesel, oil, and mechanical fluids spilling onto the scene. A hazmat team was quickly dispatched to address these hazards.

The incident prompted a response from multiple local and state agencies. The road was closed for some time as efforts to manage and clear the scene were underway.