Five-Star Recruit Dakorien Moore Zooms In on Top Four College Choices

Dakorien Moore, a standout wide receiver from Duncanville, Texas, is meticulously sifting through his collegiate options. Among the 34 offers he has received, Moore has honed in on four prestigious programs. Despite his initial commitment to LSU last summer, he remains in dialogue with a select few. Moore shared with 247Sports his decision to exclusively engage with LSU, Texas, Oregon, and Ohio State moving forward.

Standing at 5-foot-11 and weighing 175 pounds, Moore is celebrated as the nation’s top wide receiver and the fourth overall prospect in the United States. His recent decision to streamline his focus is a testament to his desire to block out distractions and concentrate on what these four universities have to offer.

**LSU:** Moore feels a profound sense of belonging each time he visits LSU. The program’s commitment to athlete health and its impressive track record of quick recoveries from injuries stand out to him. “It’s like coming home every time I visit,” Moore explains. He is particularly impressed by the proactive measures the school takes to ensure athlete wellness, a feature he notes is not as prevalent in other programs. “The more I visit, the stronger my bond with the school becomes. I place great value on relationships, and LSU continues to reinforce this bond with every visit,” he adds.

Moore’s journey through the recruitment process highlights his strategic approach to selecting a program that not only excels athletically but also aligns with his personal values and priorities. As he navigates this pivotal decision, his focus on health, recovery, and relationship-building stands out as key factors in his ultimate choice.