Legendary Boxer Floyd Mayweather Reiterates Support For Israel During Stop On ‘World Tour’

Floyd Mayweather Expresses Solidarity with Israel on Global Tour Stop

Floyd Mayweather Jr., a legendary figure in the boxing world, recently showcased his strong support for Israel during a visit. Mayweather, who boasts an undefeated record after two decades in the ring and has clinched 15 major world titles across various weight classes, took a significant step in response to a tragic event. Following the massacre of over 1,200 Israelis by Hamas on October 7, he flew his private jet, loaded with food and other essentials, to Israel.

The jet, known as Air Mayweather, didn’t just carry supplies. It also brought bulletproof vests for the soldiers of the Israel Defense Force (IDF), distributed by his pilots, among whom were veterans of the US Army and US Air Force. Rabbi Shmuel Reichman highlighted Mayweather’s actions, pointing out his role as a prominent advocate for the Jewish community amid a surge in global antisemitism.

Reichman also shared a touching image of Mayweather at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. This visit underscored his ongoing commitment to Israel and the Jewish people. Rabbi Shmuel Reichman expressed his gratitude on social media, praising Mayweather for his unwavering support.

On Instagram, Mayweather shared insights into his global travels with his team, emphasizing this visit to Israel as a learning and bonding experience. He voiced his enthusiasm for spreading love and positivity worldwide. During his stay, Mayweather also met with United Hatzalah, Israel’s rapid-response emergency medical team. He was honored with the organization’s “Lifesaving Award” for his support.

United Hatzalah’s President, Eli Beer, lauded Mayweather for his solidarity and support, highlighting the significance of his visit during these challenging times. Mayweather’s visit, according to Beer, was a testament to the boxer’s genuine friendship and support for both United Hatzalah and the Israeli people.

In the aftermath of the October 7 tragedy, Mayweather took to Instagram to declare his stance against Hamas, emphasizing his support for Israel and all victims of terrorism. He called for the protection of all humans, advocating for peace and safety above politics. Mayweather’s message was clear: he stands with Israel and humanity against terror and violence.