Ghost' Canceled; Premiere Set For Fourth & Final Season

Ghost Series Finale: Fourth Season Confirmed as the Last; Premiere Date Announced

Fans of the Power series are facing the departure of Ghost once more, but this time it’s the show itself that’s saying goodbye.

Starz has announced the cancellation of Power Book II: Ghost, with its fourth season marking the end of the road. This final season will be split into two parts, with premiere dates set for June 7 and September 6. A teaser for the upcoming season is already available for viewing.

This decision follows a revelation by Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsh, who earlier this week disclosed a strategy to manage content costs more effectively. By focusing on launching new series rather than extending existing ones, which become pricier over time, the network aims to maintain financial efficiency. Hirsh used the Power franchise as an example, explaining how creating spin-offs from the original series could be a cost-effective way to keep the franchise alive while also benefiting the network’s bottom line.

Indeed, Starz has already unveiled plans for a new prequel series that will explore the early days of the beloved Power characters, Ghost and Tommy, in a similar style to Power Book III: Raising Kanan. With this move, the story of Ghost comes to an end.

Considering the star-studded cast of Power Book II, it was perhaps foreseeable that it would be the first to face cancellation. The show features Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick, alongside notable names like Mary J. Blige, Cliff “Method Man” Smith, and Larenz Tate, among others.

The series, which was the first spinoff from Power, follows the journey of Ghost’s son Tariq as he tries to escape his father’s criminal legacy, only to find himself pulled back into a life of crime.

The cast also includes Gianni Paolo, Woody McClain, Lovell Adams-Gray, LaToya Tonodeo, Alix Lapri, Caroline Chikezie, Lightskinkeish, and Michael Ealy.

Kathryn Busby, President of Programming at Starz, assured fans that the final season of Ghost will deliver a satisfying conclusion to a decade-long saga, promising more captivating stories from the Power Universe in the future.

The upcoming season will see Tariq St. Patrick and Brayden Weston navigating new alliances and challenges as they re-enter the criminal world. Meanwhile, other characters face their own dilemmas and opportunities, setting the stage for a gripping finale.

Brett Mahoney leads as the showrunner and executive producer for the fourth season. The Power Universe series boasts executive production by original Power creator Courtney A. Kemp, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, and Mark Canton, with Lionsgate Television producing the series for Starz.

As Power Book III: Raising Kanan films its fourth season, the introduction of a new spinoff, Origins, hints at continued expansion for the franchise, including potential settings beyond the current narratives.

Despite the changes and cancellations, fans remain hopeful for more engaging content from the Power Universe, with some suggesting the return of Omari Hardwick to narrate Origin as a way to rekindle their excitement.