Karen Gravano Opens Up About Drita D’Avanzo Feud on ‘Dumb Blonde’ Podcast

Karen Gravano recently shared her experiences on the “Dumb Blonde” podcast, offering an exclusive glimpse into her life on “Mob Wives” and her upbringing by Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, as revealed by Us Weekly.

In a conversation with Bunnie XO, set to be released on Wednesday, March 13, the 51-year-old former television star delved into her complex relationship with Drita D’Avanzo, her co-star on the VH1 series, with whom she had a notable rivalry. Gravano recounted her support for D’Avanzo, emphasizing that she was the one who introduced D’Avanzo to their circle. Their friendship, however, was tested by their shared history with Lee D’Avanzo, Karen’s ex-boyfriend from the ’90s, who later married Drita.

Before the production of “Mob Wives,” Karen and Drita agreed to put their past behind them, prioritizing their friendship over any man. This pact was tested as the show progressed, leading to one of many physical confrontations that marked their tumultuous relationship until the series concluded in 2016.

Karen expressed her frustration with the show’s portrayal of their feud, emphasizing her desire for respect and equality within their group. She also provided insight into her life with her father, Sammy the Bull, a former underboss of the Gambino crime family who turned government witness against John Gotti. Karen revealed the challenges she faced when her father’s criminal associations became public, including a harrowing moment when she was asked to deliver a fatal message to her father.

This candid interview sheds light on Karen Gravano’s personal and professional struggles, offering a deeper understanding of the realities behind the “Mob Wives” drama. The full episode of the “Dumb Blonde” podcast will be available on Wednesday, March 13, but an exclusive clip can be viewed now on Us Weekly’s website.