Liberal Sports Blog That Criticized Young Kansas City Chiefs Fan Shuts Down, Lays Off Staff Following Sale

In a striking turn of events, the sports blog known for its liberal stance, which last year faced backlash for its controversial portrayal of a young Kansas City Chiefs fan, has seen its entire team dismissed following the sale by its parent company, as verified by Fox News Digital. The blog, Deadspin, became the center of attention in November when it published an article that misinterpreted the actions of a child adorned in red and black face paint and a Native American headdress, accusing him of engaging in offensive behavior. The child, who is of Native American descent, became the subject of a defamation lawsuit filed by his parents against Deadspin.

The sweeping layoffs at Deadspin, including the journalist responsible for the contentious article, were confirmed through a memo from the former CEO of Deadspin’s parent company, G/O Media, Jim Spanfeller. This drastic move came after the blog was acquired by European company Lineup Publishing, which decided to let go of the existing staff in favor of assembling a new team that aligns with their editorial vision.

Deadspin, under its new ownership, aims to adopt a fresh approach to sports coverage, diverging from its previous editorial direction. This decision underscores the new owner’s intention to honor Deadspin’s distinctive voice while steering its content in a new direction. The outgoing staff was acknowledged for their contributions that helped Deadspin carve out a niche in the competitive sports media landscape.

The controversy surrounding Deadspin began when it criticized the NFL for allowing a fan, later identified as 9-year-old Holden Armenta, to attend a game with what was perceived as offensive attire. Deadspin’s article drew criticism for its misrepresentation of Armenta’s intentions and heritage, leading to a public outcry and a subsequent lawsuit from Armenta’s family. The blog later issued a correction, clarifying its stance and expressing regret over the misunderstanding.

This incident is part of a broader pattern of controversies involving Deadspin, which has been criticized for its approach to covering race and identity politics. The blog’s mission to deliver uncompromised sports news has been overshadowed by its engagement in liberal activism, leading to divisive opinions about its content.

As Deadspin embarks on a new chapter under Lineup Publishing, the sports media landscape watches closely to see how the blog will navigate its future, balancing its unique voice with a renewed editorial strategy. The saga of Deadspin, from its controversial coverage to its complete staff overhaul, serves as a reminder of the evolving challenges and responsibilities facing media outlets in today’s digital age.