Openly gay Mt. Pleasant author crushed by apparent comments from local pastor

Local Gay Author from Mt. Pleasant Faces Hurtful Remarks from Community Pastor

In Beal City, Michigan, an author who has been openly gay for years recently found himself in the midst of unexpected controversy. He had shared his children’s book with a pre-K class at a local private Catholic school. Surprisingly, the controversy wasn’t about his book’s content but about him being the one who read it. The church’s pastor later issued a public apology to parents and parishioners, which puzzled the author.

“I entered the classroom with the intention of spreading the joy and love I feel for my work,” he expressed. The fact that his sexuality became an issue was both confusing and infuriating to him.

The author, Dominic Thrasher, was deeply hurt by the situation. He admitted that the pastor’s reaction momentarily made him consider giving up on his passion. This incident marked one of his life’s lowest points, especially since he had been so happy about the reading session just a week earlier.

Thrasher, 44, hails from Mt. Pleasant and shifted from acting to writing during the pandemic. He had always wanted to write but was initially hesitant to start. Now, he has authored a series of books titled “The Adventures of Cece and the Sheriff,” drawing inspiration from his and his sister’s dogs.

March, being National Reading Month, presented an opportunity for Thrasher to read his first book to a pre-K class at St. Joseph the Worker School, thanks to an invitation from a friend. The session went so well that he even stayed for snack time with the excited kids.

However, a week later, Thrasher stumbled upon a Facebook post from what seemed to be the church connected to the school. The post, believed to be by Pastor Tom Held, was no longer accessible, but Thrasher managed to capture a screenshot before it disappeared.

The content of the post left Thrasher feeling demeaned, likened to a predator or criminal merely for participating in a school activity. This wasn’t the first time his sexuality had caused issues. Years ago, after being invited to give a commencement speech at his alma mater, a private Catholic school, he was disinvited upon the revelation of his sexuality.

Facing such discrimination is challenging enough, but Thrasher also shared that he was diagnosed with ALS a year ago. With limited time, he wishes to share his talents and love with the world, hoping his children’s books convey positive messages.

Thrasher remains determined to make a difference, inspired by a friend’s encouragement. He hopes for a resolution involving Pastor Tom Held and the St. Joseph the Worker Church. Despite reaching out, FOX 17 has yet to receive comments from the church, school, or the overseeing Catholic Diocese of Saginaw.

As this story unfolds, Thrasher’s resolve to share his story and fight for acceptance remains unwavering.