Marvel Confirms New X-Men Comics for Franchise Relaunch

Marvel Announces Exciting Relaunch of X-Men Comics Series

Marvel Comics recently unveiled “X-Men: From the Ashes,” a fresh start for the iconic series set to launch this summer. This relaunch, announced at South by Southwest, marks the beginning of a new era following the conclusion of the Krakoan Age. The spotlight shines on three main comics: “X-Men” by Jed Mackay and Ryan Stegman, “Uncanny X-Men” by Gail Simone and David Marquez, and “Exceptional X-Men” by Eve L. Ewing and Carmen Carnero. Marvel promises that each title will delve into different facets of the mutant narrative, exploring new and exciting territories.

Tom Brevoort, Marvel Comics VP Executive Editor, shared insights into the direction of the relaunch. He explained that the X-Men find themselves dispersed worldwide, lacking a unified base. This dispersal is intentional, aiming to diversify the X-Men series with a variety of styles, tones, and approaches to cater to a broad audience. Each of the three core series will focus on different aspects of the X-Men’s legacy, reflecting the team’s multifaceted nature.

Marvel’s press release highlights the unique approach of the three comics, promising to stay true to the essence of the X-Men while offering fresh perspectives on their mission. The new titles are set to captivate fans with their distinct takes on the mutant metaphor.

“X-Men #1,” set to release on July 10th, introduces a new chapter from Alaska, where the X-Men, led by iconic characters like Cyclops and Magneto, continue their fight for mutantkind. “Uncanny X-Men #1,” available on August 7th, follows the team in New Orleans, embarking on thrilling adventures. Finally, “Exceptional X-Men #1,” launching on September 4th, features Kate Pryde mentoring a new generation of mutants in Chicago.

Eve L. Ewing, writer of “Exceptional X-Men,” expressed her excitement about the project. She aims to bridge the gap between long-time fans and newcomers, especially young readers, through a narrative that resonates with both. Ewing’s collaboration with artist Carmen Carnero promises to bring dynamic storytelling to the series.

In addition to these three titles, Marvel teases the arrival of more ongoing team books, solo series, and other publications in the near future. A promotional image for “X-Men: From the Ashes,” showcasing the diverse casts of the three series, was also released. Fans can look forward to a special prelude in “FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2024: BLOOD HUNT/X-MEN #1” this May and in “X-MEN #35,” the 700th issue, coming this June.

Marvel’s “X-Men: From the Ashes” is poised to redefine the mutant saga, offering something for every X-Men enthusiast.