Matthew Perry’s Will Allocates Over $1 Million to Trust Honoring Woody Allen

Matthew Perry, the beloved actor, has made a significant decision regarding his estate, according to TMZ. He has chosen to place his assets into a trust named after a renowned Woody Allen character, revealing a unique connection to the film “Annie Hall.” This trust, known as the Alvy Singer Living Trust, was established by Perry in 2009, indicating his admiration for the character and the movie.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ highlight that Perry intended for the majority of his possessions to be transferred into this trust. It’s a fascinating insight into Perry’s preferences and interests, showcasing his appreciation for Woody Allen’s work. The trust is set to receive the assets Perry accumulated before his passing.

Further details from the documents reveal that Perry’s personal property was valued at just over $1 million at the time of his death. However, this figure represents only a portion of his wealth, with additional assets already secured in the trust. This clarification suggests that Perry’s actual net worth is significantly higher, with the mentioned amount being supplementary.

Perry’s will also specifies that any children born after 2009 would not inherit his fortune, a moot point as Perry did not have any children. This decision underscores his intent to manage his estate according to his precise wishes.

The responsibility of executing Perry’s will falls to two women, Lisa Ferguson and Robin Ruzan, the latter being the ex-wife of comedian Mike Myers. Both Ferguson and Ruzan have been tasked with overseeing the distribution and management of Perry’s property. Their connection to Perry is professional; Ruzan and Perry collaborated on the game show “Celebrity Liar” in the 2010s, where Ruzan served as an executive producer and Perry participated as a contestant.

The news of Matthew Perry’s untimely death in October, as reported by TMZ, was a shock to many. The actor tragically drowned in his hot tub, with an autopsy later revealing the presence of ketamine in his system. This loss deeply affected Hollywood and fans worldwide, with Perry’s “Friends” co-stars expressing their sorrow.

Perry’s legacy was honored at the Emmys with a heartfelt tribute, featuring a performance by Charlie Puth. Additionally, the Oscars paid homage to Perry during the in memoriam segment, with Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo performing “Time to Say Goodbye.” These tributes reflect the deep affection and respect Perry garnered throughout his career, leaving a lasting impact on his colleagues, fans, and the entertainment industry.