McKinney, Texas to Welcome New 20,000-Seat Concert Amphitheater

Sunset Amphitheater is poised to commence construction on a sprawling 46-acre plot located just northeast of the intersection between U.S. Route 75 and State Highway 121 later this year.

In McKinney, Texas, Collin County is set to welcome what will be one of the nation’s most expansive open-air, covered amphitheaters. The announcement came on a bright Tuesday morning from Notes Live, a Colorado Springs-based entity renowned for its ventures in music venues and hospitality. They unveiled their ambitious blueprint for a new $220 million musical haven in McKinney.

This envisioned 20,000-seat amphitheater, boasting 295 luxurious fire-pit suites, is strategically sited on a 46-acre expanse near the vital crossroads of U.S. Route 75 and State Highway 121. Dubbed the Sunset Amphitheater, this venue is set to redefine luxury in live entertainment. “McKinney is about to witness the construction of the most opulent amphitheater ever conceived,” proclaimed JW Roth, CEO of Notes Live. He assured that whether patrons find themselves in a cozy fire-pit suite or sprawled on the grass, their experience will be unparalleled.

Roth, in conversation with WFAA, shared that his company is drawing inspiration from the NFL’s approach to fan engagement, aiming to offer an ambiance and experience that transcends the event itself. This initiative is part of a broader vision that includes the launch of nine similar venues across the United States, all designed to offer an “elevated” experience.

The Sunset in McKinney promises features such as temperature-controlled turf, cutting-edge airflow systems for comfort during the sweltering Texas summers, spacious seating with gourmet food and drink options, a beautifully landscaped grass berm, and exclusive “Owners Club” suites. “Inside, the temperature will be a cool 20 degrees lower than the outdoor heat, and the turf will consistently be at a pleasant 70 degrees,” Roth explained.

McKinney’s Mayor, George Fuller, shares Roth’s enthusiasm, foreseeing the Sunset as a transformative addition to the city. “Even in the peak of summer heat, you’ll find comfort here,” Fuller remarked. The venue’s location, dubbed the “Gateway to McKinney,” is currently under the stewardship of the McKinney Economic Development Corporation. However, a binding agreement has been reached with Notes Live, signaling a mutual commitment to propel this project forward.

“The economic and social impact of this project is immeasurable,” Fuller stated, hinting at the potential for the Sunset to generate billions in economic benefits for the area. Fuller, affectionately known as the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Mayor” and a musician in his own right, believes in the power of music to connect and transcend like nothing else.

To ensure the venue’s success and its ability to attract major acts, Roth and Fuller are confident in their competitive edge over other venues in Dallas and beyond, including the American Airlines Center and Dos Equis Pavilion. They are also strategizing to draw talent away from venues of varying capacities across the region.

Currently, no exclusive deals with concert promoters have been signed, but Notes Live boasts strong relationships with industry giants. Its Tulsa venue partners with Live Nation, while its Colorado venue collaborates with AEG. The Colorado Springs venue is set to open with a bang, featuring acts like Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Beach Boys, and OneRepublic, showcasing the company’s ability to attract top talent.

As the Sunset Amphitheater navigates the city approval process, Roth’s focus remains on breaking ground later this year, with hopes to start booking acts by 2025, potentially shifting the North Texas concert scene’s center of gravity northward. “When we learned Notes Live was exploring options in North Texas, we didn’t hesitate,” Fuller said. “We told them, ‘McKinney is the heart of it all. It has to be here.'”