Missing Renton Woman’s Body Discovered in Mexican Cemetery; Suspect in Custody

In a tragic turn of events, Reyna Hernandez, a 54-year-old business owner from Renton, Washington, who vanished in late February, was discovered deceased in Mexico. The search for Hernandez also led to the recovery of her missing vehicle in Mexico, and the subsequent arrest of a 61-year-old individual from Renton. Authorities are treating this case as a domestic violence incident.

Investigations Commander Chandler Swain expressed profound sorrow over the outcome, extending heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Reyna. “This is the worst possible outcome, and our hearts go out to Reyna’s family and friends,” Swain remarked.

Reyna Hernandez was last seen leaving her residence in the Renton Highlands on February 26, intending to run errands. Her absence raised alarms when she failed to return home, ceased communication, and did not show up for work at Reyna Hair Salon, the establishment she owned.

Her concerned friends reported her missing on February 28, prompting the Renton Police Department (RPD) to launch an investigation. The breakthrough came when Renton detectives came across a news article from Mexicali about an unidentified body discovered in a local cemetery along the Tijuana Highway. Collaboration with Mexican authorities, fueled by the information provided by the investigators, led to the identification of Hernandez.

Authorities are now focused on determining the exact time and cause of death to ascertain where the homicide occurred. “We are working closely with Mexicali police and our U.S. Federal partners to determine when and where Reyna was killed,” stated Swain.

Should investigations reveal that the homicide took place in the U.S., efforts will be made to extradite the suspect so they can be tried in the appropriate jurisdiction, according to officials. This case has drawn attention to the devastating impact of domestic violence and the importance of cross-border cooperation in solving such tragic incidents.