NFL investigating allegations that Falcons, Eagles tampered with Kirk Cousins and Saquon Barkley

NFL Probes Falcons, Eagles for Alleged Tampering with Kirk Cousins, Saquon Barkley

In the early stages of the 2024 NFL free agency, two major moves caught everyone’s attention. Kirk Cousins made a significant switch to the Atlanta Falcons, while Saquon Barkley took his talents to the Philadelphia Eagles, leaving behind the New York Giants. These moves have stirred the pot in the NFL community.

The NFL is now looking into these signings for possible tampering violations. This investigation follows reports from CBS Sports and Yahoo! Sports, highlighting the league’s standard procedure in such scenarios.

Cousins, who inked a four-year deal worth $160 million with the Falcons, mentioned interactions with the team’s athletic trainer and head of public relations before his official signing. During his first press conference with the team, Cousins expressed his excitement about the people he’s met, emphasizing the quality of both the football and support staff.

However, these interactions raise eyebrows as the NFL’s “legal tampering” rules prohibit direct contact with players during certain periods. This could mean trouble if found in violation of the tampering regulations.

On the other hand, Barkley’s move to the Eagles came with a three-year, $37.5 million contract. His connection to Pennsylvania, highlighted by his former college coach at Penn State, James Franklin, suggests that conversations with Eagles general manager Howie Roseman might have occurred during the tampering period. Despite these allegations, the Eagles have denied any wrongdoing.

Should the Falcons or Eagles be found guilty of tampering, they could face penalties, including the loss of draft picks or fines. This situation underscores the tightrope teams walk during free agency, aiming to secure top talent while adhering to league rules.