9 Lives Interactive raises $3M for Nyan Heroes Web3 hero shooter

Nyan Heroes Secures $3M in Funding to Launch Web3 Hero Shooter Game

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9 Lives Interactive has successfully secured $3 million in funding for its innovative Web3 hero shooter game, Nyan Heroes.

The Singapore-based company, previously known as Rude Robot Studios, announced that Mechanism Capital spearheaded the investment round.

This financial boost is set to propel the development of Nyan Heroes. The game is a unique hero shooter that blends exciting gameplay, cat-themed characters, and blockchain technology, aiming for widespread adoption.

The funding round also saw participation from other notable investors such as Sfermion, 3Commas Capital, Momentum 6, Kosmos Ventures, Devmons GG, and CSP DAO.

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9 Lives Interactive has recently raised a new round of funding.

Established in 2021, 9 Lives Interactive is composed of seasoned professionals from high-profile companies like Electronic Arts, Bungie, and Ubisoft.

The team’s vast experience is further enriched by senior advisors from Riot Games and Twitch, bringing expertise from working on major titles such as Halo, Destiny, Fortnite, Marvel’s Avengers, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

Max Fu, the CEO and creative director of 9 Lives Interactive, shared, “Our aim is to craft a leading IP-driven shooter that offers an engaging experience to fans of team-based shooters across all ages and genders. Nyan Heroes leverages cutting-edge technology, including Unreal 5 engine and blockchain, to enable genuine asset ownership within a flourishing creator economy.”

Nyan Heroes is currently undergoing pre-alpha testing. It introduces players to a team-based, objective-driven hero shooter where whimsical cats control powerful mechs in a quest to save the world.

The game features eight guardian classes, each with distinct abilities and cat-like agility, allowing players to achieve objectives and overcome adversaries. Its “augment weapon” system enables highly customizable mechs, providing a wide array of play styles and opportunities for player skill display.

Nyan Heroes characters.

The storyline unfolds in New Nekovia, an underground city bursting with hope and holographic skies. Nyan Heroes, which has already built a substantial social media following, is gearing up for early access from March 26 to April 9.

Andrew Cain from Mechanism Capital commented, “Nyan Heroes is an exceptional hero-shooter that introduces innovative gameplay, endearing heroes, and enticing rewards to the genre in an unprecedented way.”

Nyan Heroes is now available for early access on the Epic Games Store. The game has also launched Airdrop missions, allowing the community to earn NYAN, the token that fuels the Nyan Heroes Ecosystem.

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