Trump vows he 'will never do anything' to Social Security after 'cutting' comment

Trump Pledges to Protect Social Security, Clarifies Previous ‘Cutting’ Remark

In a recent interview, former President Donald Trump made it clear that he would never take actions that could harm Social Security or Medicare. This statement came after Joe Biden highlighted Trump’s earlier remarks about considering cuts to these vital programs. Trump emphasized in an interview with Breitbart News, published on Thursday, his commitment to protecting Social Security and Medicare. He mentioned that any necessary adjustments would be made in other areas, ensuring these programs remain untouched.

Trump’s comments during a CNBC interview on Monday suggested he was open to significant changes to Social Security and Medicare. However, his campaign quickly responded, claiming his words were misconstrued and taken out of context. They have been actively sharing videos of Trump promising to safeguard these entitlements to counter the narrative.

The Biden reelection campaign has been focusing on Trump’s CNBC interview, using it to criticize him early in the general election campaign. This back-and-forth highlights the political importance both candidates place on the issue of entitlements. During the CNBC interview, Trump was asked if his views on managing entitlements had changed, given the potential impact on the national debt. Trump responded by pointing out the possibilities for cutting waste and mismanagement within these programs, without agreeing that such measures would weaken Social Security.

Trump reiterated his stance in the Breitbart interview, stating there are numerous ways to reduce waste and unnecessary spending without affecting Social Security. On social media, Trump’s campaign criticized the Biden campaign for not sharing the full context of his CNBC interview, accusing them of misleading the public. Trump also addressed the issue in a speech in New Hampshire, accusing Biden of continuing to pose a threat to entitlement programs.

The White House commented on Trump’s remarks, suggesting they are consistent with his budget proposals during his presidency, despite Trump’s claims of being misrepresented. On the 2024 campaign trail, Trump has promised to protect retirement programs while criticizing Republican rivals Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis for suggesting entitlement reforms to reduce the national deficit.

In a January 2023 video, Trump called for cutting waste, fraud, and abuse but stressed the importance of not cutting benefits that seniors have earned and paid for throughout their lives. At a rally in Richmond, Virginia, earlier this month, Trump claimed it was Biden who would endanger Social Security and Medicare, vowing to protect these programs.

The issue of Social Security, which supports 65 million Americans, requires congressional action due to a long-term funding shortfall. However, finding a solution remains challenging as parties also navigate ongoing debates over government spending and the debt ceiling.