US Citizen Sentenced to Life for Rape and Murder Near Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

In Berlin, a harrowing case has reached its conclusion as a Michigan man, Troy B., aged 31, has been handed a life sentence for the heinous acts of raping and murdering a tourist, alongside the attempted murder of her friend. Both victims, hailing from Illinois and citizens of the United States, encountered their nightmare near Germany’s famed Neuschwanstein Castle, a beacon for travelers worldwide.

The conviction was delivered by a German court after a detailed examination of the events that unfolded near the picturesque Bavarian landmark. The presiding judge in Kempten, Christoph Schwiebacher, emphasized the “particular gravity” of the crimes, decreeing that Troy B. would not be eligible for the customary parole after 15 years, a deviation from the norm in German legal practice.

The chilling incident occurred on June 14, 2023, when Troy B. deceitfully gained the trust of the two women at the historic Marienbrücke bridge. With the pretense of showing them an even more spectacular view, he led them away from the safety of the public path.

The victims, Eva Liu, 21, and Kelsey Chang, 22, had just celebrated their graduation from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and were exploring Europe. Their paths crossed with Troy B., a stranger, leading to unforeseeable tragedy. The assault began with Liu, and when Chang tried to intervene, she was violently pushed down a slope. The assailant then proceeded to strangle Liu and raped her before he was interrupted by other tourists, prompting him to throw her down the slope as well.

Both women were later rescued from the ravine by the Füssen mountain rescue team, with a helicopter swiftly transporting them to safety. Despite their efforts, Liu succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. The authorities apprehended Troy B. in the vicinity of the crime scene.

Troy B.’s legal representation, Alexander Stevens, addressed the media, stating that his client faces his sentence in Straubing’s prison, pending the final judgment due to the severe nature of his guilt. Stevens highlighted that Troy B. would serve at least 15 years in Germany before any possibility of extradition, which could only occur upon a formal request from the USA or if initiated by Troy B. himself, an action discouraged by his legal team.

As the case awaits a potential appeal decision by Troy B., Neuschwanstein Castle continues to draw tourists from around the globe. Located roughly 65 miles southwest of Munich, this iconic destination sees approximately 1.4 million visitors annually, with daily visits peaking at 6,000 during the summer months, undeterred by the shadows cast by this tragic event.