Unraveling the Enigma: Easter Mysteries and Crime Fiction Unveiled

Just in time for Easter, I’m thrilled to present my updated list of Easter Crime Fiction. I’m always open to new suggestions, so feel free to share any additions. This year, I’ve expanded the list to include some intriguing Good Friday mysteries, offering a comprehensive selection for the entire weekend.

### Easter Crime Fiction and Mysteries

– **The Easter Evader** by Mathiya Adams
– **Death by Flamenco** by Jennifer S. Alderson
– **Antiques Bizarre** by Barbara Allan
– **Ship of Danger** by Mabel Esther Allan
– **Aunt Dimity: Detective** by Nancy Atherton
– **Bunny Donuts and a Body** by Cindy Bell
– **Show Me the Bunny** by Laurien Berenson
– **Death and the Easter Bunny** by Linda Berry
– **In a Gilded Cage** by Rhys Bowen
– **Easter Weekend** by David Bottoms
– **The Last Enemy** by Grace Brophy
– **The Faberge Easter Egg** by Sharon E. Buck
– **Wycliffe and the Last Rites** by W.J. Burley
– **The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha** by JoAnna Carl
– **Papa la-Bas** by John Dickson Carr
– **Do You Promise Not To Tell?** by Mary Jane Clark
– **Easter Hair Hunt** by Nancy J. Cohen
– **Easter Buried Eggs** by Lyndsey Cole
– **Little Easter** by Reed Farrel Coleman
– **A Holiday Sampler** by Christine E. Collier
– **Last Easter** by Caroline Conklin
– **Absolute Certainty** by Rose Connors
– **Murder on Good Friday** by Sara Conway
– **Holy Terrors** by Mary R. Daheim
– **Big Bunny Bump Off, Easter Escapade, Hippity Hoppity Homicide** by Kathi Daley
– **Death of a Harlequin** by Mary-Jane Deeb
– **KittyKai’s Easter Mystery** by Debbie De Louise
– **The House of Death** by Paul Doherty
– **Cue the Easter Bunny** by Liz Evans
– **Root of All Evil** by E.X. Ferrars
– **Death at the Wheel** by Kate Flora
– **The Chocolate Kiss** by Laura Florand
– **Lord James Harrington and the Easter Mystery** by Lynn Florkiewicz
– **Toxic Toffee; Criminally Cocoa** by Amanda Flower
– **Eula May and the Easter Kandy Killer** by Amy Mull Fremgen
– **Lord James Harrington and the Easter Mystery** by Lynn Florkiewicz
– **Deadly Sin** by P.J. Grady
– **Hop ‘Til You Drop** by J. M. Griffin
– **Precious Blood** by Jane Haddam
– **Chocolat** by Joanne Harris
– **The Good Friday Murder** by Lee Harris
– **Server Down** by J.M. Hayes
– **Semana Santa** by David Hewson
– **Eggsecutive Orders** by Julie Hyzy
– **Killer Easter Pie** by Carolyn Q. Hunter
– **Easter Murders** by Bryant Jackson & Edward Meadows
– **Death of a Dumb Bunny** by Melanie Jackson
– **Easter Eggs and Shotgun Shells** by Madison Johns
– **On the Lamb** by Tina Kashian

### Short Story Highlight:

– **”The Man on the Cross”** by Bill Crider from the collection *Thou Shalt Not Kill*, edited by Anne Perry.
– **”The Rabbit Died”** by Sue Ann Jaffarian.

### For Chocolate Lovers:

Looking for some Easter chocolate to enjoy while diving into these mysteries? Visit my other blog, [DyingforChocolate.com](http://dyingforchocolate.com/), for delicious Chocolate Easter Recipes and to explore the History and Culture of the Chocolate Easter Bunny.

This curated list aims to provide a diverse range of crime fiction that encapsulates the spirit of Easter and Good Friday, ensuring there’s something for every mystery enthusiast to enjoy during the holiday weekend. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic whodunit or a contemporary thriller, this collection promises to deliver suspense, intrigue, and, of course, a bit of holiday charm.