10 Movies & TV Shows Like Masters Of The Air To Watch Next

10 Must-Watch Movies & TV Shows If You Loved Masters Of The Air

After the finale of “Masters of the Air” on Apple TV+, fans of World War II dramas are eagerly seeking more captivating stories from this era. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of movies and series that delve into different aspects of the war, offering fresh perspectives and gripping narratives.

“Masters of the Air” is part of a larger collection of war dramas created by the renowned trio of Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Gary Goetzman. This connection ensures that fans can expect similar quality and storytelling in other works from this franchise. For those looking to explore further, several options stand out as must-watches.

For a start, “World on Fire” presents a unique angle by focusing on the lives of civilians and women during the war, offering a broader view of the impact of WWII beyond the battlefield. Similarly, “Land Girls” shines a light on the contributions of women in the Women’s Land Army, providing a different yet equally important perspective on the war effort.

Movies like “Unbroken” and “The Tuskegee Airmen” share thematic and narrative similarities with “Masters of the Air,” making them excellent follow-ups. “Unbroken” tells the harrowing tale of Louis Zamperini, an Olympian and bombardier who survives a plane crash only to face brutal conditions as a prisoner of war in Japan. “The Tuskegee Airmen” highlights the challenges and triumphs of the first African-American fighter pilots in the U.S. military, offering an inspiring story of courage and determination.

For those captivated by the aerial combat scenes in “Masters of the Air,” the “Top Gun” franchise, including “Top Gun” and “Top Gun: Maverick,” provides thrilling action and a deep appreciation for the skill and bravery of pilots, despite being set in a different era.

Other notable mentions include “Catch-22,” a series that combines dark humor with the absurdity of war, and “The Pacific,” which, like “Band of Brothers,” is a collaboration between Spielberg, Hanks, and Goetzman. Both series offer a deep dive into the experiences of American soldiers in different theaters of WWII.

In conclusion, the end of “Masters of the Air” opens the door to a vast array of WWII dramas that explore various facets of the war. From the heroism of fighter pilots and the resilience of prisoners of war to the untold stories of women and African-American soldiers, these films and series continue to keep the memory of WWII alive, offering both entertainment and education to their audiences.