Producer Of IMAX Documentary On Climbing Everest Was 68

68-Year-Old Producer Climbs Everest for IMAX Documentary

David Breashears, renowned for his mountaineering achievements including five ascents of Mt. Everest, passed away at his home in Massachusetts on Thursday. He was 68 years old, and the cause of his death has not yet been identified.

Breashears gained fame not only for his climbing feats but also as a co-director and co-producer of the 1998 IMAX documentary “Everest” for Universal. This film, which chronicled the challenging journey to the summit of the world’s highest peak, brought him into the limelight in the outdoor adventure community.

His family released a statement praising his work, stating, “He merged his love for climbing with his talent in photography to become a revered adventure filmmaker.”

In 2007, Breashears took his commitment to the mountains a step further by establishing GlacierWorks. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to showcasing the impact of climate change on the Himalayan glaciers through a blend of art, science, and adventure.

His family highlighted his contributions through GlacierWorks, noting, “He leveraged his experiences in climbing and photography to document the stark realities of climate change on this iconic mountain range.”

Breashears made history in 1983 by broadcasting the first live television images from the summit of Everest. By 1998, he distinguished himself further as the first American to summit Everest twice.

During the filming of the “Everest” documentary in 1986, a devastating blizzard struck, claiming the lives of eight climbers. Breashears and his crew halted their work to assist the affected climbers.

At this time, information regarding his survivors or plans for a memorial has not been disclosed.