Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway  'The Idea of You' premiere

Anne Hathaway Moved to Tears at ‘The Idea of You’ Premiere at SXSW

From the very first touch between Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine in “The Idea of You,” the audience at the SXSW world premiere was electrified. The moment their hands met, the room erupted with excitement. And when the actors shared a kiss, the air filled with gasps, shrieks, and loud applause.

Anne Hathaway was visibly moved as she addressed the audience in Austin’s Paramount Theater after the screening. Overwhelmed with emotion, she struggled to find words. When a fan expressed their love, Hathaway responded with heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging the audience’s deep connection to the film’s every detail. She promised to always remember this special screening.

Hathaway shared her thoughts on the ongoing journey of self-discovery, regardless of age. She expressed her excitement about playing Solène in “The Idea of You,” a role offered to her by Cathy Schulman and Gabrielle Union. The film tells the story of Solène, a 40-year-old woman who falls for a 24-year-old boy band singer, Hayes, played by Galitzine, after attending Coachella with her teenage daughter.

Nicholas Galitzine reflected on the instant “spiritual” connection he felt with Hathaway during his audition. Despite the intimidating atmosphere, their chemistry was undeniable, marked by a shared sense of humor and ease. Galitzine left the audition feeling proud of the unique bond they had formed, and he was thrilled to be cast in the film the following day.

Directed by Michael Showalter, known for his work on “The Big Sick” and “The Eyes of Tammy Faye,” “The Idea of You” carefully builds the relationship between Solène and Hayes. Showalter emphasized the importance of delaying their first kiss to make it feel truly earned, enhancing the emotional payoff for the audience.

Gabrielle Union, who became a producer after being captivated by the book the film is based on, shared her personal connection to Solène’s story. The book, written by Robinne Lee, resonated with Union’s own experiences with public scrutiny over her relationship with Dwayne Wade. She highlighted the importance of fighting for love and acceptance in the face of judgment.

A fan’s supportive shout from the balcony, “You deserve it all!” underscored the film’s message of love and resilience. “The Idea of You” not only explores the complexities of an unconventional romance but also celebrates the courage to embrace one’s truth, regardless of public perception.