BTS’s V Elevates ‘FRI(END)S’ Campaign to New Heights in Dazzling Cartier Fashion Video

On Tuesday, V, a member of the globally renowned K-pop group BTS, is set to release a captivating live performance video. This release is in partnership with the prestigious French luxury brand, Cartier. It celebrates his latest digital single, “FRI(END)S,” which has already captured hearts worldwide.

The single “FRI(END)S” made its debut at 1 p.m. Korean time on Friday. It marks V’s first solo endeavor following his initial solo album “Layover,” which was launched in September. This English-language track is a heartfelt pop soul song, expressing a tender confession of love to a friend.

In less than a day after its release, “FRI(END)S” soared to the top of the iTunes Top Song charts in 87 countries and territories. This achievement was proudly announced by his agency, BigHit Music. By 8 a.m. Korean time on Saturday, the song also clinched the number one spot on both the Worldwide iTunes Song and European iTunes Song charts.

V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, was named a brand ambassador for Cartier in July of the previous year. Since then, he has been an influential figure, representing the brand’s elegance and luxury.

The original music video for “FRI(END)S” was unveiled on Friday and has already amassed 12.7 million views by Monday afternoon.

An additional video, produced in collaboration with Cartier, is scheduled for release on Tuesday. It will be available on W KOREA Magazine’s official website and social media platforms. This special video features a live performance that highlights V’s fashion-forward image and charismatic presence.

The video opens with a close-up of V, positioned at the heart of Cartier Maison Cheongdam ‘La Résidence.’ The setting is adorned with opulent tapestry that enhances V’s refined style. Dressed in an ensemble that radiates warmth through its rich brown and burgundy hues, V is adorned with Cartier’s exquisite gold jewelry and watch, amplifying his enchanting appearance.

As V performs, his smooth vocals effortlessly move between low and high notes. His expressive facial gestures, paired with the song’s evolving melody, showcase his deep concentration and artistic identity. V’s unique sound and magnetic stage presence shine through, affirming his status as a standout solo artist.

To experience the magic of V’s performance, stay tuned for the video release.