Cast Remembers Suzanne Somers At 90s Con

Cast Reunites to Honor Suzanne Somers at ’90s Convention

The cast of “Step by Step” came together again at 90s Con this Sunday, paying tribute to the beloved Suzanna Somers who passed away.

Patrick Duffy, Staci Keanan, Angela Watson, Christine Lakin, Christopher Castile, Jason Marsden, and Sasha Mitchell took a moment to honor their former co-star. Suzanna Somers left us in October after battling breast cancer.

Keanan reflected on the beautiful and thoughtful gifts Somers used to give. She remembered Somers as a person of great style and glamour, cherishing the memories and gifts she received from her.

Lakin expressed her admiration for Somers, recalling her days watching “Three’s Company” reruns. She admired Somers not just as an actress but as a woman, a businesswoman, and a genuine star. Lakin admired her kindness, generosity, and success, seeing her as a role model for young women in Hollywood.

Lakin fondly remembered Somers for her sweetness and loving nature. She spoke of the big heart Somers had and how much she is missed.

Watson shared a cherished memory of performing in a mother-daughter reunion pageant with Somers, where they tap-danced and sang together. She described it as an amazing experience and a career highlight.

“Step by Step” was a sitcom that captured the hearts of many. Created by William Bickley and Michael Warren, and further developed by Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Boyett, it aired for six seasons on ABC and concluded with a seventh season on CBS. The show featured Duffy and Somers as single parents who marry and blend their families, each bringing three children into the new family dynamic.