Watch Trailer For 'Can't Feel Nothing,' CPH:DOX Film On Social Media

Discover the Impact of Social Media in ‘Can’t Feel Nothing’ – Watch the CPH:DOX Film Trailer Now

An exciting new film just made its debut at CPH:DOX in Copenhagen, sparking a conversation that touches everyone who navigates the world of social media. The question it raises is simple yet profound: “Who controls our emotions when we’re online, making us feel angry, sad, excited, or completely numb?”

David Borenstein’s documentary, “Can’t Feel Nothing,” dives deep into the world of internet influencers – from trolls and AI companies to Russian TikTok stars and Chinese entrepreneurs creating virtual romances. These are the people who have mastered the art of evoking strong emotions on social media, often turning a profit in the process.

A poignant moment in the film comes from an expert who laments the loss of our true selves to our phones. “I feel sorry for humanity. Your phone has taken over your brain. You’re not yourself anymore,” he says.

At its world premiere, the film was a standout in the F:ACT Award section of the festival. The trailer offers a first glimpse into its intriguing content.

Borenstein, originally from Florida and now based in Copenhagen, not only directed and co-wrote the film but also guides viewers through it. He reveals, “For every emotion we experience, there’s someone on the internet incredibly skilled at manipulating it.”

In a director’s statement, Borenstein shares his vision for the film. He aims to navigate the emotional landscape of the digital era, presenting it in chapters dedicated to various emotions. With unique access gained through his work as a tech journalist, Borenstein introduces a global cast who exploit and commodify human emotions.

His goal is to transform the concept of a science documentary. By using visual storytelling, metaphors, dark humor, and unforgettable characters, Borenstein invites the audience on a reflective journey about our emotions in the digital age.

The film also features humorous moments, including scenes with a digital dominatrix named “Mistress Harley,” who commands men to embarrass themselves in bizarre ways. Another segment reveals young Chinese women being trained as online romantic interests, with one man admitting to donating $75,000 to his virtual girlfriend. He believes virtual relationships can replace real-life connections.

Moreover, the documentary explores a man who gains followers by consuming and regurgitating large amounts of food and liquids. Borenstein also delves into the political impact of digital realities, including the creation of fake news and the spread of conspiracy theories, highlighting the significant implications for our politics.

Following the film’s premiere, Borenstein clarified that his work isn’t about providing solutions to the issues of social media immersion. Instead, he aims to provoke thought and reflection, hoping the film is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

“Can’t Feel Nothing” is a collaboration between David Borenstein and Christian Einshøj, produced by Mikkel Jersin, Katrin Pors, Eva Jakobsen, and Jesper Jack, under Snowglobe Films.

Don’t miss the trailer for this compelling documentary that promises to change the way we think about our digital lives.