Fat Joe Moderates Criminal Justice Panel with Vice President Kamala Harris

Fat Joe Joins Vice President Kamala Harris to Lead Discussion on Criminal Justice Reform

Fat Joe is making waves not just in the music industry but also in political circles. He recently spent time with Vice President Kamala Harris, discussing solutions for some of the nation’s pressing problems.

The rapper took part in a significant meeting with the Vice President on a Friday afternoon. This meeting focused on criminal justice reform and included influential figures like Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and Steve Benjamin from the White House Office of Public Engagement.

During this gathering, which lasted around an hour, personal stories from individuals who had received marijuana-related pardons were shared. These stories added a personal touch to the discussion on criminal justice reform.

Fat Joe expressed his appreciation for how his journey in hip hop has brought him into close contact with the Vice President. He mentioned meeting her through his involvement with the healthcare reform group, Power To The Patients.

In a more private setting, Fat Joe and Kamala Harris had a one-on-one conversation. They delved into healthcare and other matters that Fat Joe holds dear.

But Kamala Harris isn’t the only high-profile politician Fat Joe has been in touch with recently. Following President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, which criticized Donald Trump, Fat Joe also had a chance to meet with the President.

This meeting with President Biden wasn’t just a formal affair. It caught the attention of many, leading to members from both political parties seeking Fat Joe for an autograph.

Fat Joe has been actively involved in advocacy for some time. His work with Power to the Patients, aimed at addressing healthcare issues, was even featured on “TMZ Live” back in January.

It’s clear that Fat Joe is eager to share his views on a wide range of issues. With his increasing involvement in political and social causes, who knows? Perhaps a more significant political role awaits him in the future.