Gene Wilder's widow recalls actor's final words in new documentary

Gene Wilder’s Widow Shares His Touching Last Words in Revealing New Documentary

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Karen Boyer, the widow of Gene Wilder, fondly recalls the final words her beloved husband uttered before he passed away in August 2016. A touching documentary titled “Remembering Gene Wilder” delves into the actor’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease and his last moments. In a poignant scene from the film, Boyer shares a memory of listening to Ella Fitzgerald’s iconic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” alongside Gene, moments before he spoke his last words.

Gene Wilder, best known for his role in ‘Young Frankenstein,’ expressed a desire to be remembered more for this film than for his portrayal of Willy Wonka, according to an author. The documentary features a photo of Gene Wilder, capturing a moment from his life.

Boyer reminisces about the first signs of Wilder’s struggle with memory loss, notably when he couldn’t recall the title of “Young Frankenstein,” his favorite movie. She reflects on the difficulty of accepting his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, a realization that came too late for Wilder to comprehend due to the disease’s impact on his memory. Despite the challenges, Boyer remained steadfast, concealing her pain with a smile to reassure her husband that all was well.

Gene Wilder was a remarkable husband, Boyer asserts, emphasizing the profound love and companionship they shared. Their relationship exemplified the greatest gift of love and being loved. Wilder’s successful career is highlighted by his roles in iconic films, including the 1974 comedy “Young Frankenstein,” which he starred in and co-wrote.

Gene Wilder’s personal life, including his marriage to comedian Gilda Radner and later to Karen Boyer, is explored. Wilder’s marriage to Radner, a beloved “Saturday Night Live” cast member, ended tragically with her death in 1989. Wilder found love again with Karen Boyer, whom he married in 1991. Their relationship was marked by deep affection, with Wilder once describing Boyer as the great love of his life.

Brian Scott Mednick, author of “Gene Wilder: Funny and Sad,” shares insights into Wilder’s life and his profound love for Karen. Despite previous unhappiness, Wilder found true happiness with Boyer, which he had not anticipated. Their marriage, filled with love and occasional challenges, was a testament to their strong bond.

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