Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Romantic Afternoon Halted By Flat Tire

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Romantic Outing Interrupted by Unexpected Flat Tire Incident

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s peaceful afternoon took an unexpected turn when they encountered a flat tire, interrupting their date. The couple was enjoying a drive around Los Angeles in a silver BMW on Saturday when the incident occurred, abruptly halting their time together.

They immediately pulled over to inspect the damage. Ben Affleck was dressed casually in a flannel and baseball cap, while Jennifer Lopez wore a sleek black turtleneck paired with matching leggings. Despite their efforts to fix the flat tire, with Ben even revealing his well-known back tattoo during the process, they were unable to resolve the issue on their own.

Finding themselves unable to repair the tire, Lopez and Affleck decided to leave the vehicle behind. They called for a ride, leaving the BMW as they moved on to their next destination. It remains unclear who eventually took care of the car or if it was taken to a repair shop. This isn’t the first time Ben Affleck has faced car troubles, seeming to have more than his fair share of automotive bad luck.

Recalling past incidents, Affleck’s classic Cadillac once broke down during a Los Angeles heatwave. Another time, his son Samuel accidentally backed a rented Lamborghini into another vehicle, adding to Affleck’s string of vehicular misfortunes.

Despite these setbacks, it appears nothing could dampen the spirits of the couple for long. They were spotted enjoying themselves at a Lakers game later that evening, proving that a flat tire was not enough to ruin their day.

Here’s to safer travels for the couple in the future!