John Oliver Takes Swipe At Kate Middleton's Photoshop Fail & Gets 'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Cameo

John Oliver Mocks Kate Middleton’s Photoshop Mishap and Features ‘Jersey Shore’s’ Snooki in Hilarious Cameo

John Oliver made headlines when he pointed out Kate Middleton’s Photoshop mishap and featured a surprise appearance from Snooki of “Jersey Shore” fame on “Last Week Tonight.”

In the show’s opening, Oliver highlighted the controversy in England following Kensington Palace’s statement. The statement was about the Princess of Wales admitting to editing a photo of herself with her three children.

Oliver humorously commented on the situation, saying, “It seems someone’s Adobe free trial ended quite publicly.”

The controversy began after a photo of Middleton with her children was shared to celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK. However, it was later withdrawn from news outlets when it was discovered the photo had been altered.

Middleton issued an apology for the edited photo. “As an amateur photographer, I sometimes try out editing,” she said. “I apologize for any confusion caused by the family photo we shared. I hope everyone had a joyful Mother’s Day. C.”

The main topic of the night for Oliver was the struggle many Americans face with student loans. He discussed how the high-interest rates significantly increase monthly payments, making it difficult for borrowers.

Oliver expressed his disbelief at the situation, saying, “That’s absurd. The $650 spent could be used in much better ways.”

He pointed out that the money spent on interest alone could afford two Cameo videos from Rudy Giuliani, who charges $325 per request. Oliver joked about not wanting to spend money on Giuliani, though.

Instead, Oliver hired Snooki for a Cameo video, who charges $300. “Hey Brittany, it’s Snooki. It’s crazy this video costs half your student loan interest. That’s messed up,” Snooki said in her message.

Snooki made another appearance later in the show. Oliver booked her for a second video to celebrate a borrower who had paid off her student loan. “Hey Sara, congrats on getting rid of your student debt,” Snooki said.

Oliver thanked Snooki and ended the segment with a kiss to the camera, mimicking her signature sign-off.

You can watch Snooki’s Cameo videos below.