Johnny Depp Is Finally Getting A US Comeback (But The Movie May Go Unnoticed)

Johnny Depp Makes Anticipated US Comeback, Though His New Movie Risks Being Overlooked

Johnny Depp’s latest movie, “Jeanne Du Barry,” has made its way to US theaters, but it might not make the splash fans were hoping for due to its limited release. Despite Depp’s notable victory in his defamation case against Amber Heard, which many thought would mark his Hollywood comeback, the industry’s reception remains lukewarm. The film’s success in Europe might not fully carry over to the US audience because of its restricted availability, which could impact Depp’s return to the Hollywood scene.

“Jeanne Du Barry” marks Depp’s first film appearance since his legal battles, premiering in France in 2023. Before this, Depp faced setbacks in his career, being removed from major roles in franchises like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” due to allegations made by his ex-wife. These accusations significantly hindered his work opportunities, casting a shadow over his once-luminous career. However, Depp’s court victory seemed to clear his path for a return to the big screen, although “Jeanne Du Barry” being his first project post-trial might not be enough to secure his Hollywood comeback.

In “Jeanne Du Barry,” Depp takes on the role of King Louis XV in a historical drama directed by and starring Maïwenn as Madame Du Barry, King Louis’s favored lover. The film, entirely in French, showcases Depp’s versatility as he delivers his lines in a language different from his native English, aiming to appeal to both French-speaking audiences and his global fanbase. His performance, which required him to convincingly speak French, was well-received when the movie premiered in France.

The film’s premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival was a significant moment for Depp, earning a seven-minute standing ovation that moved him to tears. This reception was a clear indicator of his continued popularity in Europe, but the true test will be its performance in the US market. “Jeanne Du Barry” is set to release in the US on May 2, 2024, but it will only be shown in 500 theaters—a stark contrast to the widespread distribution of Depp’s previous films.

This limited release means that many of Depp’s fans will have to wait to stream “Jeanne Du Barry” online before they can see it, potentially delaying any significant impact the film could have on his career in Hollywood. The competition from other major releases around the same time, such as “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,” further complicates its chances of success.

Despite these challenges, Depp’s involvement in “Jeanne Du Barry” and its reception so far suggest that he’s not ready to step away from acting. Whether or not this film will pave the way for his return to mainstream Hollywood remains to be seen, especially considering his strained relationships with major studios. Depp has expressed disinterest in working with Disney again, but his future in the film industry could still hold many possibilities, especially with directors like Tim Burton, who might be willing to collaborate with him despite past controversies.

Regardless of the outcome, “Jeanne Du Barry” has already made $13.7 million in Europe, indicating that there’s still an audience eager to see Depp on screen. Whether this will translate into a successful Hollywood comeback or lead to more independent projects, Depp’s career is far from over. His ability to take on challenging roles and his dedication to his craft continue to make him a compelling figure in cinema, and “Jeanne Du Barry” is a testament to his enduring appeal.