Jon Bon Jovi Not Sure If He'll Tour Again Amid Vocal Cord Surgery Recovery

Jon Bon Jovi Uncertain About Future Tours as He Recovers from Vocal Cord Surgery

Jon Bon Jovi is facing uncertainty about his future tours following his vocal cord surgery.

The renowned singer is gearing up to drop a new album named *Forever* within the year. He had aspirations to accompany the release with a tour. However, the surgery has cast doubt on those plans.

In a conversation with Mix 104.1 Boston, he shared, “I have a strong desire to hit the road next year, but I’m currently in the process of recovering from significant surgery.” He added that despite the challenges, he managed to record a song daily for the album, indicating a steady recovery.

Jon Bon Jovi expressed his ambition to perform for two and a half hours, four days a week, for several months. He is dedicated to achieving this goal as part of his recovery.

At a TCA panel for the docuseries *Thank You, Good Night*, he revealed details about his 2022 surgery. He described a condition where one of his vocal cords was significantly thinner than the other, affecting his singing ability.

He explained, “One of my vocal cords had severely atrophied.” He highlighted the disparity between the two cords, with one being as thick as a thumb and the other as thin as a pinky, which hindered his vocal performance.

Furthermore, Bon Jovi is slated to participate in a tribute for Jimmy Buffett at the Hollywood Bowl on Thursday, April 11.

For those interested, the full interview with Bon Jovi is available for viewing below.