Jon Bon Jovi's touring future unknown after vocal cord surgery

Jon Bon Jovi’s Touring Future Hangs in the Balance Following Vocal Cord Surgery

He might be holding on with hope and faith.

Jon Bon Jovi is looking forward to hitting the road again after he recovers from a significant operation on his vocal cords.

“In terms of a tour, I’m not quite sure,” said Bon Jovi, aged 62, during a chat with Mix 104.1 Boston on a Friday. He expressed his wish to embark on a tour next year but mentioned he is still in the recovery phase from a serious surgery.

The singer shared his eagerness to tour again following his surgery on his vocal cords, in an interview with Mix 104.1 Boston.

“While I’m on my way to getting better, and I had the luxury of taking my time to record one song a day, my ultimate goal,” the “Dead or Alive” singer mentioned, “is to perform for two and a half hours, four nights a week, for several months.”

He emphasized his commitment to achieving this goal.

This news comes as the “You Give Love a Bad Name” artist promotes his new album “Forever,” which is expected to be released on June 7.

Bon Jovi, who had the surgery in 2022, spoke about the procedure publicly for the first time earlier this year.

“I’ve always taken pride in being a genuine singer,” Bon Jovi remarked during a press event for his Hulu docuseries, “Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story.” He highlighted his four decades of experience in singing, distinguishing himself from those who merely shout or howl.

He humorously noted that despite his clean lifestyle, he faced this unexpected challenge with his vocal cords.

According to the artist, he discovered that one of his vocal cords had significantly weakened, with one being as thick as a thumb and the other as thin as a pinky, causing his singing quality to deteriorate.

He shared how this condition was robbing him of his ability to perform, which led him to seek medical help.

The Grammy-winning artist found a doctor in Philadelphia who performed a medialization procedure and inserted a state-of-the-art implant to strengthen the vocal cord.

In early February, the artist from New Jersey made his comeback on stage for the first time since the surgery, at an event where he was honored as the MusiCares Person of the Year.

“For nearly two years, I’ve been working hard on my rehabilitation to get back to my former self,” Bon Jovi mentioned, indicating he is nearing his goal.

He expressed in the documentary and interviews that regaining his vocal ability is crucial for him to continue writing and performing at his best.

After the surgery, he performed publicly for the first time in February and described waking up the next day without the “multiple voices” in his head as the best feeling.

Bon Jovi is set to appear at the Hollywood Bowl on April 11 to honor the late Jimmy Buffett along with other artists.

Fans can look forward to “Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story” streaming on Hulu starting April 26.