Kacey Musgraves 'Deeper Well' Digital Album Has Bonus Track 'Ruthless'

Kacey Musgraves Unveils ‘Deeper Well’ Digital Album Featuring Exclusive Bonus Track ‘Ruthless’

Kacey Musgraves has just unveiled a digital edition of her album *Deeper Well*, which comes with a special bonus track titled “Ruthless.”

On Sunday, March 17, Musgraves excitedly informed her fans about the addition of “Ruthless” to her album. She directed them to her official webstore, where they can download this 15-track version of *Deeper Well*. This version not only includes the bonus song but also features an alternative album cover, all for $6.

Musgraves took to Instagram to express her passion, stating, “When I love, I love incredibly hard. BONUS TRACK ADDED TO THE RECORD,” alongside a snapshot of the song’s handwritten lyrics.

The lyrics of “Ruthless” give us a glimpse into Musgraves’ heartfelt sentiments, “I don’t believe in violence but you know I won’t be silent/ I’m a lover, not a fighter/ But if anyone tried to hurt you, I would be ruthless for you/ Do something crazy — you know I would, baby/ I swear I’ve got your heart and if it came down to it/ I would be ruthless.”

*Deeper Well* was recorded at the iconic Electric Lady Studios in New York City. The album, which features singles like “Deeper Well” and “Too Good to Be True,” was launched on March 15 through Interscope/MCA Nashville.

Reflecting on her experience at Electric Lady Studios, Musgraves shared, “It was truly an amazing experience. Every studio has its own vibe, but this place, with its rich history and being Jimi Hendrix’s former apartment, has some seriously good energy. It’s a magnet for incredible talent, and there’s definitely a reason for that.”

*Deeper Well* serves as Musgraves’ follow-up to her album *Star-Crossed*, which made its debut at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 albums chart in 2021.

Billboard has gone ahead and ranked all 14 tracks from the standard version of *Deeper Well*.

For those interested, “Ruthless” is exclusively available with the digital version of *Deeper Well*, which can be found here.