Kate Middleton reportedly visits farm shop with Prince William, not photographed

Kate Middleton and Prince William Enjoy Private Visit to Local Farm Shop, No Photos Captured

Over the weekend, Kate Middleton was seen in a state of joy and good health at a local farm shop, yet surprisingly, no photographs of the Princess during her visit have surfaced.

According to reports by The Sun, the Prince and Princess of Wales took a detour to a farm shop in Windsor. This outing followed a day spent watching their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, engage in sports activities.

This sighting might offer a sense of relief to those closely following the Royal Family, showing that Middleton is well. However, it also sparks curiosity and more questions.

In November 2023, Kate Middleton was reportedly seen visiting a local farm shop. This recent visit over the weekend aligns with those reports.

An eyewitness told the media, “Seeing them there, especially after all the rumors, was shocking. Kate was shopping alongside William, appearing both happy and healthy.”

The source noted that the children were not present, but emphasized how positive it was to see Middleton out and about, indicating her good health. The Windsor Farm shop, where the visit took place, is conveniently located a mere 5-minute drive from Windsor Castle.

Kensington Palace has been contacted for a statement regarding this visit.

The absence of photos from Middleton’s visit does little to quiet down the speculation about her health, especially following her abdominal surgery on January 17.

After spending two weeks in the hospital, the Princess has chosen to stay low-key, focusing on her recovery at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

During her time away from the public eye, various conspiracy theories have emerged. These theories gained traction after a heavily edited image was posted on UK Mother’s Day, which was later pulled by major news agencies.

Recently, it was revealed that Middleton’s senior staff had not been in contact with her for weeks and were unaware of her health issues until after her surgery.

The last public sighting of the Princess was on Christmas Day, as she attended church services in Sandringham, England.

It is anticipated that Middleton will resume her public engagements after Easter, which is on March 31, 2024.