Kate Middleton different from Princess Diana: ‘more eager to please': author

Kate Middleton Carves Her Own Path: Balancing Royal Expectations with a Modern Touch, Says Author

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Kate Middleton has adopted a unique approach compared to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

On March 11, the Princess of Wales addressed the removal of a new photo by news and photo agencies, released by Kensington Palace for Mother’s Day in the U.K., due to manipulation suspicions. She has maintained a low profile while recovering from recent abdominal surgery, the reasons for which have not been disclosed.

Christopher Andersen, author of “The King,” shared with Fox News Digital that unlike Princess Diana, Kate Middleton assumed responsibility for the photo issue. This decision has led to widespread speculation and conspiracy theories about her health.

The controversy surrounding the photo has turned into a public relations dilemma for the royal family, criticized as a shortsighted strategy by experts.

Kate Middleton’s handling of the press differs significantly from Princess Diana’s, according to Andersen. While Diana would never have considered altering a photo, knowing the backlash it would bring, Kate is seen as a team player within the palace. Unlike Diana, who would likely have refused to apologize, Kate’s more accommodating nature is evident.

Andersen suggests that Kate is being taken advantage of during a time when her health issues seem more serious than previously thought.

In her apology shared on social media, Kate mentioned experimenting with photo editing like many amateur photographers.

The photo in question, showing Kate with her children, led to a “photo kill” notice from AP News due to manipulation concerns.

Kate expressed her apologies for any confusion caused by the family photograph, wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day.

Kensington Palace has not responded to requests for comment regarding the situation.

AP retracted the photo after closer inspection revealed manipulation that did not meet their standards. The inconsistency in Princess Charlotte’s left hand alignment was a concern.

AP’s editorial standards emphasize the importance of accurate, unaltered images to maintain the authenticity of photographs.

The photo’s retraction, or “photo kill,” was an industry move instructing clients to remove the manipulated image, with no replacement photo to be sent.

This incident has sparked a debate on the royal family’s use of the press and the management of their public image.

Kate Middleton, a keen photographer, took responsibility for the retouched photo, raising questions about the palace’s handling of information and the resulting public confusion.

Princess Diana, known for her relationship with the press, contrasts with Kate’s current situation, highlighting the different challenges they faced within the royal family.

Mismanagement and lack of coordination between royal family press offices have been criticized, contributing to mixed messaging and public confusion.

Kensington Palace has announced that the Princess of Wales is expected to resume public duties after Easter, as the royal family navigates through this challenging period.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.