Bachelor’s Lace Morris Gives Birth to 1st Baby With Ryan John Nelson

Lace Morris and Ryan John Nelson Welcome Their First Child Together

Lace Morris, a familiar face from Bachelor Nation, and Ryan John Nelson have joyfully announced the arrival of their first child together. Morris shared her excitement and awe at becoming a mother on her Instagram Story, describing the experience as both incredible and surreal. The couple has chosen the name Liam Lee for their son.

Morris first captured the hearts of viewers in 2016 during Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor.” She later appeared on the third season of “Bachelor in Paradise,” where she got engaged to Grant Kemp. However, their relationship ended shortly after the show. Morris took a break from the spotlight before returning to “Bachelor in Paradise” for its eighth season, although she left without a partner.

In other celebrity news, Sienna Miller, Josh Duhamel, and several others have also welcomed new additions to their families in 2024. Miller, for instance, celebrated the arrival of her second child, her first with boyfriend Oli Green, earlier in January.

Morris announced her pregnancy in August 2023 with a heartwarming Instagram post featuring her dog, Lola, and the caption “Baby has entered the chat 💬 What a beautiful surprise 🫶🏼.” The post included a sonogram and a onesie labeled “Protected by Lola.”

In September, Morris revealed she was expecting a boy, expressing her joy and anticipation for her new role as a “boy mom.” She shared this special moment through a simple yet touching gesture from her mother, who sent flowers in the color revealing the baby’s gender.

Throughout her pregnancy, Morris kept her followers updated with regular posts, including one at the 20-week mark where she expressed eagerness to feel her baby’s kicks. Due to having an anterior placenta, feeling movements took a bit longer, but it didn’t dampen her excitement.

Morris also shared photos showcasing her growing baby bump, reflecting on the beauty and wonder of pregnancy. She expressed gratitude and amazement at the life growing inside her, embracing the changes in her body with confidence and joy.

Before announcing her pregnancy, Morris kept her relationship with Nelson private. However, she later opened up about their bond, sharing intimate moments and expressing her love for her “baby daddy” and “main squeeze.”

This journey into motherhood marks a new chapter for Morris, filled with love, anticipation, and the joys of family life. Her story resonates with many, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of love and the beauty of starting a family.